22K in one week...?

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  1. E-signal commercial boasts "I made over 22K in one week with 11K in capital" ... Is this possible with there software. I know traders that use it just for the data feed and other software like ensign for charting. The fees are unclear after looking at their website.

    I don't see how you could make that much in one week without 99% luck in finding a "jackpot" trade.

    Is this software worth it? if it is I REALLY need to make about 10K in the next week. I've been trading for over a year and I've never had that kind of return without simply "gambling" on a trade.

    Any advice?
  2. Don't be gullible

    The software may be good; just don't expect to get rich quick.
  3. Hi. It's definitely possible (with futures or options, not stocks), but their software has nothing to do with it. It's advertising hyperbole. It's just a tool -- charting software and a data feed. You still need to bring the skills to succeed.

  4. I thought e-signal charged 22,000 a month for the service alone?.

  5. P.S. If you think it's gambling that will get you that return, then it will be gambling if you try. You will know when you can generate that level of return without gambling.
  6. definetly doable in stocks, i had a buddy go from 20kish to 130k in 1 month
  7. I made 27,000 on friday. n I don't even use eSignal. But I'm using over 500k in capital, not 11k :D
  8. Have you? What kind of buddy can get those returns w/out helping you make the same.

    Volatility is helpful. But so is good trading software. I use scottrade elite. :( LAG LAG LAAAGGG. I average a 5kbps - 10kbps connection with my cable. Frequently having to call in my trades to make sure they've exicuted doesn't help and is frusterating! I just started using Stockfetcher. Haven't gotten the script stuff down yet.
  9. Do you expect to get rich at all? You listen to Jim Cramer for crying out loud. That's the death knell It So Fact So for wealth creation. :D
  10. absolutely doable. attractive stocks to make excess returns in options are those priced in the dow 30 components. also try naz components.
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