$226,666 in national debt per family of four

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  1. 7 trillion in new spending this year, and they're talking about tax cuts

    the one year in 30 years the budget was ballanced (2000), they tripped all over themselves to spend the 'surplus'

    10 trillion in debt before bailout

    7 trillion commitment for bailout

    17 trillion /300 million times 4 - $226,666 in national debt per family
  2. at 7 percent interest, that's $15,866 per year
  3. David Walker (former comptroller general of the GAO) was quoted as saying we have an additional $40 trillion in off balance sheet debt and that the true national debt is actually in the $55 trillion range. He said this worked out to $485K per household but using the approximate 300 million people in the US we would all owe roughly $183K per individual based on his figures.
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    Who cares about debt? Just print your way out of it. :(
  5. i'm just going on straight up, what's there

    unfunded entitlements to citizens can be renegged

    the stuff i'm talking about cant

    but you are right, my figure is actually understating it by quite a bit
  6. oh, and that's divided by every man woman and child period

    a large percent of housholds pay no taxes

    so the debt divided by taxpaying housholds is WAY higher
  7. You don't get it, do you?

    -Debts between Americans: Americans owe to Americans

    -Foreign debt: They got a problem. The only way to get their money back is to make sure they invest in America to do well in the future and pay their interest, which in turn they must invest back in America to do well and pay the interest, ad infinitum

    You don't get it people. You never will... The problem is not debt. The problem is keeping out of deflationary spiral.
  8. No, YOU dont get it

    the issue here, is someone with a runaway credit card, putting each of us in debt

    need an illustration?

    give me your credit card, issued by an AMERICAN bank, and I'll go on a shopping spree

    "hey, you owe it to another American, what's the problem?"

    f--king dumbass