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  1. http://icasualties.org/oif/US_NAMES.aspx

    Garrison C. Avery, 23, Army 1st Lieutenant, Feb 01, 2006

    Marlon A. Bustamante, 25, Army Specialist, Feb 01, 2006

    Anthony Chad Owens, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 01, 2006

    Caesar S. Viglienzone, 21, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 01, 2006

    Sean T. Cardelli, 20, Marine Private 1st Class, Feb 01, 2006

    Simon T. Cox Jr., 30, Army 1st Lieutenant, Feb 02, 2006

    Walter B. Howard II, 35, Army Specialist, Feb 02, 2006

    Scott A. Messer, 26, Army Private 1st Class, Feb 02, 2006

    Lance S. Cornett, 33, Army Sergeant 1st Class, Feb 03, 2006

    Jesse M. Zamora, 22, Army Specialist, Feb 03, 2006

    Roberto L. Martinez Salazar, 21, Army Specialist, Feb 04, 2006

    Jeremiah J. Boehmer, 22, Army Sergeant, Feb 05, 2006

    William S. Hayes III, 23, Army Specialist, Feb 05, 2006

    Sergio A. Mercedes Saez, 23, Army Specialist, Feb 05, 2006

    Christopher R. Morningstar, 27, Army Staff Sergeant, Feb 05, 2006

    Patrick W. Herried, 29, Army Specialist, Feb 06, 2006

    Orville Gerena, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

    David S. Parr, 22, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

    Brandon S. Schuck, 21, Marine Corporal, Feb 06, 2006

    Jacob D. "Jake" Spann, 21, Marine Private 1st Class, Feb 06, 2006

    Allen D. Kokesh Jr., 21, Army National Guard Specialist, Feb 07, 2006

    Steven L. Phillips, 27, Marine Lance Corporal, Feb 07, 2006
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    “Their aim is to remake the Middle East in their own grim image of tyranny and oppression -- by toppling governments, by driving us out of the region, and by exporting terror.

    “To achieve these aims, they have continued to kill -- in Madrid, Istanbul, Jakarta, Casablanca, Riyadh, Bali, and elsewhere. The terrorists believe that free societies are essentially corrupt and decadent, and with a few hard blows they can force us to retreat. They are mistaken. After September the 11th, I made a commitment to the American people: This nation will not wait to be attacked again. We will defend our freedom. We will take the fight to the enemy.” --GWB Fort Bragg, North Carolina 6/28/05
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    They are right on some levels though. Even in "perfect" freedom like ours, there remains some necessay repression. Humans should not be free to film themselves fucking dogs or horses and putting it on the internet. Freedom of speech be damned.
  4. dont worry.
    those who died if they were good are now in the kingdom of allah. klans however are in hell.
  5. funny, no mention of all those WMDs and mushroom clouds, or of any connection between iraq and that list of 9/11 names you link to.
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    Of course there’s a connection. 9/11 gave us the political opportunity to occupy Muslim land, eject Saddam, secure their oil, and fight the enemy on land they care about, and taking the fight to the enemy is what Bush mentioned. You have to see beyond secular governments and nation states in the Muslim World to see what the enemy is trying to do.

    There’s no mention of WMD’s because we didn’t find any --something we could not know until we occupied Iraq.
  7. So you can occupy sovereign nations in order to assess the accuracy of your intelligence gathering efforts?

    Wow! Cool.

    Before you accuse me of being just another lefty hand-wringer, please review my posts. I will say it once again - it is the ultimate irony that America is throwing into the trash bin the very values and philosophies that made it the greatest country in the world, and that it is doing this as a response to... yes, wait for it... a pathetic effort by a bunch of maniac zealots to topple the US from its pre-eminent position, by attacking it in the name of ... yes... their rejection of the values and philosophies that made it the greatest country in the world!!
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    Yes, it is cool. But thanks to the apologists to America’s competition who infiltrated government (i.e. people who “understood” why those foreigners hate America), our intelligence gathering effort was reduced to shit. When Bush knew it was shit, he resorted to the risks of taking executive action.

    They are not a bunch of “maniac zealots,” but representatives of a popular movement in the Muslim World.

    Bush inherited a lot of bullshit policy, and he took it and regurgitated it. Then 9/11 happened and there was pandemonium from top to bottom. The Islamist political groups stationed in the U.S. immediately went to work at damage control because back then, our highest points in office looked to them for the answers to this “peculiar” tragedy. It had effect, because it’s 2006 and we are still trying to figure it out.

    It’s not about the U.S. being “the greatest nation on Earth.” It’s about the West defeating an enemy bent on over-taking it.
  9. absolutely no idea what this means... anyone?