22-Year-Old Fired Trainee Trader Bags $33m In 12 Months

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  2. ... or you can believe in fairy tale propaganda. :D
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    "Caught Betting at Work"

    Okay, lets see, hes up $33,000,000 and he was training to be a "TRADER" hmmm.

    Why the Fu$k would anyone care to be a trader when in only 12 short months they made $33M by taking on bets.....

    Doesn't make sense.
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    Well, if you actually read the article carefully, then you would know he made $33M AFTER he was FIRED from his trader trainee program. So, perhaps he thought he would make lots of $ being a trader. But he's actually a great gambler. So, after the was fired he went on to make $33M in horse racing. No big deal right?

    i would be he would make an excellent trader too since he knows about speculating. He might have to understand some market basics like TA, charts, fundamentals, PA, etc.
  5. i would guess "luck" is a big part of his success.

    We always here that someone made 100 million in one day by winning lottery.
  6. If you actually even thought twice about believing what you read, you would next verify the source of the information.

    Another fine example of posters who wish to do absolutely no diligence on hearing fantastic myths that are propagated to the naive. If you wish to not get taken in this world; you seriously need to learn how to utilize critical thinking a bit. I certainly
    hope you don't get your trading research from the national enquirer, which is about
    as legit as the news of the world tabloid sourced.


    "We have been contacted by several customers in relation to an article in Sunday’s News of the World. We would like to make it clear that Betfair was not asked to comment on, or validate any aspect of, the article ahead of publication.

    Although we cannot comment on the activities of any specific customer, some facts which may be relevant to some of the claims made in the article include:

    the biggest winner in the relevant Britain’s Got Talent market (Susan Boyle winner - Yes/No) won less than £3,000.

    No Betfair customer won £1.5 million or anything even vaguely approaching that amount betting on the Champion Hurdle.

    No Betfair customer won £500,000 or anything even vaguely approaching that amount laying Monsieur Chevalier at Royal Ascot

    The figures shown in the account statement screenshot in the News Of the World do not reconcile to any Betfair account.

    The monies present in a Betfair account are obviously no indicator of the sums won or lost on the account.

    We would encourage customers to be wary of the claims of anyone purporting to have a profitable system or strategy.

    We would encourage customers to retain a healthy degree of scepticism toward any claims made in the press which are not validated by Betfair."
  7. "Serial gambler"... he'll piss it all away sooner or later.
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    What you guys have to remember is a motto that many papers live by -

    Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    So £20m sounds a lot better than £10m and if his girlfriend is a local gal, well let's call her a model, and if he wears scruffy jeans and a tshirt let's say 'clad in designer gear' etc.

    Plus, don't feel sorry for the kid because if he made even £5m the taxman is going to be on his case looking for his share. Yes, gambling winnings are tax free but not if the taxman says it's your main job........
  9. You're an idiot.

    Maybe you should try reading the article and note the part where it states he became a bookie. Obviously you do not know how a bookie makes money, but there is no way he could have made $33 mil as a book in one year.

    As for making that money as a gambler by betting on favorites? Nearly impossible and it would also imply that he had a huge stake to start with as the odds for betting on favorites are not exactly favorable.
  10. And "when John Wayne died, his colon was impacted with 40 POUNDS of crap!!" (Favored argument for colon detox sellers..)

    About this 22-yr old.... sounds like a good "40 pounds of crap" story, doesn't it?
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