22" LCD monitor $239 today only w/ 1680 x 1050 resolution

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  2. I'm eyeing this Sceptre also. The reviews I've read are pretty decent. I'm just looking for a second 24" for my charts. Decisions, decisions...

    Does anyone have any experience with getting rebates through newegg?

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    Newegg is a great site. The rebates are through the manufacturer not newegg but every runs smoothly when working with them. Shipping is super fast also.
  4. AOC is an average budget brand. This one is HDTV also, so a bit more than just a monitor.
  5. I concur that Newegg is awesome.

    But I won't do rebates. They're a scam. Manufacturers know that out of every 100 units they sell, 40 of the people won't "properly" send in the required materials. Of the 60 who do, 10 of them won't go through the trouble to take the check to the bank or send in a deposit by mail. Or they loose the check or misplace it or get lazy and the check gets stale. If you add up the time to do the legwork to complete and send in the paperwork, postage, time to process the rebate check (if you get one) and do all that it's not worth my time. If someone told me they would give me $40 to drive to the bank I would not do it.

    If something costs $200 and there's a $30 rebate I decide whether it's worth $200 to me, not $170. The big number advertised is the $170 and the after rebate is in small font.

    Similar to using the word "save" in advertising. You're not saving money by spending money. You save money by NOT spending money. And the people who fall for "what will you do with all that money you're going to save?" is probably the one that gets me the most. People actually fall for that?

    Happy Thanksgiving to everone in the USA and to all others, I hope you have a great day too. Go get some great deals on cool stuff :)
  6. Well, I LOVE rebates. Since the big box retailers and others cut back on products with rebates, I buy less stuff. And, knock wood, I have received 100% of my rebates over the years.
  7. Same here, Rebates just require some work, but I have gotten 100%
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