22" LCD $180 one day only

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by nkhoi, Aug 12, 2008.

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  2. beware of TN displays... poor viewing angles

    pay attention to native resolution numbers

    bigger screen doesn't mean better resolution and an ultra sharp screen will set you back $500+
  3. I have 3 of those Acer models and I like 'em especially for the price...a really great value

    You can definitely get better monitors but you get tons of real estate for that price...( I have more "expensive" ones at work but I don't notice a difference)

    it is a little bright and the settings aren't great but after messing with your videocard settings you should be able to get it to where you want it...the base feels a little cheap....but overall very satisfied...
  4. Landis,

    I have 2 of those 22" acers great monitors great reviews also.
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. My wife uses a 22" Acer for her graphic design work and really likes it.
    I've got a Westinghouse 19" Widescreen with my 17" laptop,and I"m set.
    I can't see how I"d ever need more.
  7. Vista


    No idea if Sceptre's any good, but Sam's now has a 24" for $299.
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    22" or 24" not quite enough? go for the 28".

    haven't used or seen this one or viewsonic's 28" LCD, so no idea if either is worth the coin.

    g/l and t/c
  9. I run a 19" acer and I've been very happy with the brand. I've never had my hands on a sceptre though so I can't really comment, although I do remember there were some generally good reviews on the 19" sceptres that were selling on newegg 2-3 years ago.
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