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  1. T-REX


    Best newsletter on the web! (other than mine).
    There service is 2 tierd.

    1st tier
    Analysis (Top Notch!) goes into much detail!!! charts, comparisons, and Momentum/volatility indicators etc.

    2nd tier
    offers trade recommendations (uses primarily pivot points)
    great track record nice guy. If I didnt have my own profitable system I'd definately subscribe!

  2. damir00

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    it's standard stuff you can find here on ET for free, instead of "POC" he calls it "PitBullMA" etc etc etc but it's exactly the same stuff. the daily updates are not all even written in "in the moment", the most glaring oops was the one that failed to note the massive blackout. oops indeed, lol.

    most importantly, he does not offer a way to verify his usefulness in realtime. if you really want to experience it first hand, call them and get access to the chat for a week, and note carefully when he actually posts entries etc and what he posts after the fact.

    you'll see what i mean.
  3. vonk


    Hindsight is a wonderful thing...Shut your ears to these influences. Open your eyes to what is in front of you.
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    My ignorance is GLARRING!!!!!

    I had a trial subscription and a year long subscription to the Market Call or Morning Briefing .......whatever its called!
    I found the research part and the historical charts helpful.
    that could be of great resource to a novice.
    but like I said "for a novice".
    as for here on ET the best read I've had so far is that guy "market surfer" he seems to be the best so far that I've read here. I could be wrong.


  5. thanks, bro !