21 who declared: "Rates Have Nowhere To Go But Up"

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  1. STILL WRONG: 21 Experts Who Said 'Rates Have Nowhere To Go But Up'

    And of course in the comments section, at least one asks, "Where's Schiff?"

    Via Krugman, Types of Prediction:

    SCHIFF: You know, look, I know inflation is going to get worse in 2010. Whether it’s going to run out of control or it’s going to take until 2011 or 2012, but I know we’re going to have a major currency crisis coming soon. It’s going to dwarf the financial crisis and it’s going to send consumer prices absolutely ballistic, as well as interest rates and unemployment.


    I thought of this topic when reading Kass' favorite short for the next decade is US bond market. Which is basically what he said in 2008: Short Bonds.


    Has a market, of any type, ever bottomed when everyone was looking for it??
  2. Well in a free market, interest would be wayyy up. not 0!

    question -- we know the debt won't be significantly paid off for the next decade. what happens to the deficit each year when rates finally do go up?

    with current spending, it could hit like 3T/ year.. + the interest amount on the added debt the next?