21" Viewsonic P810's for sale

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  1. Dena Goldberg at 650-988-4722 has around 24 21" Viewsonic P810's for sale that are in great shape. I bought 5. They are only 225.00 each. I know they aren't flat monitors but if you need more screen space cheap you can't beat it. For the extra screen real estate they're great.
    If anybody wants one tell her that Tradesman sent you and she will rebate me a pittance.
  2. What color...Black or Beige?
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    I imagine, they'll show any color, if they're any good :D
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    Viewsonic's own site doesn't list 21" monitors in their pro series line (the "P" in P810). You sure you're talking about the right monitors? The closest I could find to your description is a G810.


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  6. Go to Google and so a search for viewsonic p810 an pick a hit it'll tell you all you want to know.
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    how much would the shipping be to san diego? and what is the condition of the monitors? are they refurbished? new? work perfectly? etc..... thanks
  8. You gotta ask yourself.....

    Is it really worth the risk to buy a monitor from an unknown source, possibly without a warranty?

    21" monitors are a bitch to have repaired as they cost a ton to have repaired, and the shipping costs are not cheap.

    Is it really worth saving a few hundred bucks a monitor for the potential aggrevation?

    If your business is trading, and you can't afford good equipment, are you really equipped to trade?

    New Viewsonic G810s can be had for around $520.00 (that includes shipping)....

    Like trading....good deals often aren't.

  10. I just passed on a number. I'm not hawking these things. I bought 5 for myself at 225 ea. no tax and 42 to ship. I paid 1335 total. I would have paid 565 + tax or about 600 ea. (3000). I got to keep 1600.00 bux and they work great. Viewsonics are work horses.

    If your new to trading and not sure yet. It might be better to pay 500 for a couple of nice sized monitors and save your money for your trading account. When you start to make money then by the good stuff if you want to. I prefer to save the money myself.
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