$20mm seed capital trading tournament

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  1. Seems papertrading is also allowed:


    $20mm seed capital trading tournament

    "The Sharpe Ratio Shootout" Registration Ends March 15th, 2013

    Battle-Fin is launching its 4th systematic trading tournament. Tournament Sponsors have pledged up to $20mm in allocations.

    Our cutting edge real-time tournaments democratically identify tomorrow's best trading strategies from across asset classes. Our tournament structure harnesses the power of the internet to identify the most successful trading strategies.

    If you are a quantitative trader with a successful investment strategy, register for our next tournament by March 15th, 2013. There is no cost to enter and we do not ask to own trader IP.

  2. Eyez


    Signed up. Hopefully will get selected

  3. Funny read.

    I guess they do not take on amateurs.
  4. Mind to share which category?

    Welcome to keep posting your progress on ET!!! Hope that some ET members would win!!!

    Good luck!!!
  5. Humpy


    That's only 2 days to sign up ? A bit short notice don't you think or are you worried about too many entrants ?

    BTW the above site doesn't seem to work ?
  6. gmst


    Its businessweek article. Where did you sign up? Link pls.
  7. Pekelo


    You already lost by not being able to find it. The name of their company mentioned several times in the article, then you google it...


    Man, after reading the article, it is like amateur hour. One of the winners forgot to clear with his bank job compliance office, the runners of the tournament want to have a patent on it, they enter people without their knowledge,etc.etc.
  8. gmst


    Thanks Pekelo for finding the link for me :) I read the article and found it slightly funny. I didn't find it odd that bank guy didn't inform compliance. I found it truly odd that they inserted people into competition without their knowledge. Funny.

    Reading through their website, its not clear to me whether you can trade futures? I only trade futures and FX, so if it is only a stock competition, well its of no use to me.
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    Semi-automated, Liquidity Taking
  10. LOL. You mean WizeTrade?
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