$20K, trade it or go for a MS in Finance

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by hermit_trader, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. The best advice so far!!!!!!!!!!:D :D
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  2. I have one thing to say, "wisdom comes from failure"
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  3. I got a MS in other field. I wonder whether it is worthwhile to go for another MS/MBA in Finance.

    I have been trading for a while but the result is medicore.

    My dream is one day I can trade for a good living!

    As in the author of the book High Probability Trading said, you need to assume your initial capital as the tutition fee i.e. you lose it in order to learn how to trade.
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  4. what do you know? has it paid off?

    that's a really good school..
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  5. One thing you need to consider that has been overlooked, and that is if you dont know someone on the inside who can get you thru the door at a good firm, you must stand inline with all these Chinese and indian educated MBA grads who will work for much less and in alot of cases have better grades,graduated at the top of their class.

    Their is no guarantee you are going to get a good job with an MBA, none what so ever. You can say I HAVE AN MBA.
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  6. Yes, it paid off. But I went back in '91 when the total tuition was less than $20K and every Tom, Dick, and Harry didn't have an MBA.

    The salary bump for my first job more than paid for all the costs -- I worked in private equity. Many people got jobs where the second year's tuition was paid as a "starting" bonus. Of course, some people didn't get jobs at all. It happens even at the best schools. Imagine $140K+ of loans sitting on your desk and no job.

    Right before Christmas I had an hour long call from someone interested in doing the MBA at LBS. After looking up the tuition and thinking about the opportunity costs I have to admit my feelings were mixed about going now. Basically, I subscribe to the school of thought that talent will rise to the top without respect to education. For example, my sister didn't finish high school and her net worth is 7 figures -- not counting real estate. :) She hires professional resources for her business as she needs them.

    What an MBA from a quality school does is provide you entree to the fast track. It opens doors and provides a ready made network of people who will be willing to help you out. What you make of it from there is up to you.

    It won't make you a better trader. It won't make you a more successful in business per se -- although it can help you avoid many mistakes. It will certainly help you structure problems and be more rigorous about potential outcomes.

    Hope that helps.

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  7. Hermit

    I would do NEITHER of your opening post's options...

    I would get a junior prop role trading OPM...
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  8. Ah another week, another "grad school vs trading" thread. 5 pages of replies, not too shabby. The past four threads stopped after page 3 or so.

    One would think these threads might follow a more timely seasonality, as it's a bit late in the game to consider a program starting Fall-07. Indecisiveness and procrastination usually find themselves together though..
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  9. MSF costs $30k in non-state school...

    sorry to burst your cheap bubble lol....
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  10. kevshirl


    20k id prob trade....even if you lost all the money at least you learned 20k in lessons that will help you later in life....i liked the one dude comment of "not having to kiss anyones ass" - my single goal in life
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