20k to 500k

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  1. How long would it take to make 500k from 20k in a years time? And what is the annual income of most career traders?
  2. Ermm...A year?....duh.
  3. Typo how realistic would it be to get from 20k to 500k in a years time
  4. 2 grand a day...calculator says so.
  5. I think you mean.
    Can I reduce 500K to 20 K in a year.

    Well of course you can, just pretend that you can trade.
  6. 2,500% annual return? Incredibly unrealistic.
  7. It depends on how fast you can learn to make money CONSISTENTLY in the market.

  8. so it han never happened before?
  9. new blood for the market to feast on :D
  10. it can happen and probably has happened before, but it will not happen!
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