20in 2005FPW vs. 20in 2001FP

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by RXIS, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. RXIS


    Why would you choose the regular screen over the widescreen?
    Is it impractical for trading?
  2. hefty1


    I have 2 of em... make sure u spend the money for the highest resolution, 1680*1050 wont cut it
  3. hefty1


    i should say i have the wide screens... i recommend going 1600*1200 regular aspect for the money
  4. RXIS


    I'm asking about the two screeens because I'm trying to decide whether or not to go for the Dell deal. 9100 with wide screen for $900
  5. RXIS


    So the regular 1600x1200 has more real estate, but right now i think the widescreen costs less with the promotion. My head is spinning from thinking about monitors.
  6. RXIS


    I can get the 4700 instead of the 9100 Dell Dimension model with the 1905 digital monitor for $860. I'll have .2 ghz less also.

    The 9100 has 3.0 ghz and a 20.1 inch widescreen for $900.

    I thought the 9100 was supposed to run quieter.
  7. RXIS


    screw it...i just bought a new desktop from Dell business. Its a 9100 3.0 ghz 512 ram(upgrade on my own) 40gb 2005FPW monitor, 16x dual dvd rom and dvd rw, 128mb ati radeon x300 se
    for $900.

    i'm full of vodka and i'm feeling good knowing that a new computer is on the way. Actually I'm feeling a little impatient and it is aggravating me.

    I'll have that computer and two old computers once I get them running fine again.
  8. The 2005FPW is always cheaper than the 2001FP, although it is newer and has better specs. The 2001FP must be more expensive to manufacture, I can't think of any other reason for the price difference.

    The 2001FP has a mild screendoor effect (pixel coverage is lower than 1905FP and 2005FPW). It bugs some people, but I hardly noticed after having the monitor for a day or two.

    I have always much preferred taller aspect ratios. I hate this trend toward widescreen monitors. It really only makes sense for watching DVDs. Almost any other application is better suited for 4:3 aspect ratio. Look at the windows on your screen right now, I'll bet you've got more windows taking up the full height of the screen than the full width.

  9. lojze


    That's true, but you can use extra width for more charts or any additional window to open, right?
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