$207 million dollars!

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  1. Thats what the megamillions lottery is up to for Fridays draw. Cash value is 141 million. Know what i would do with that money? First take 10-20 million out to "live on" for a while. I would put the other 120 million into one trade...thats right...all my eggs in one basket. What basket you ask? ERX. I would hold that puppy until oil is back to 140 bucks a barrel and ERX trading at 700 bucks a share! That should make me multi-Billionaire very quickly.
  2. Mr Pain

    Mr Pain

    A woman I work with son won over $90M in the lottery around 4 years ago. He ended up with around $29M after taxes.

    He was told to spend very little the first year as it would take a full year before he knew what his net was with all the taxes.
  3. You'll need to hire like 10 people to route your order to differnt ecns and you'll have to buy options and futures to take the load off. One could live pretty well off of 20 million and if you do lose on this trade then if you have decent stops you can still get out with a decent chunk.
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    You're going to have to pay taxes on that my man. 35% + state taxes will give you a little haircut on that $141