207 Innocent Civilians?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Toonces, Mar 22, 2003.

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    I couldn't find a news link, but the Iraqi information minister is reporting that 207 Iraqi civilians are injured, recovering at various Iraq hospitals because of our attack. He made an invitation to come see these people (I'm not sure who would actually be in a position to do so.)

    What's the story on this guy? Is he a congenital liar? (I remember the other day he was saying the Iraqis didn't have any Scuds.) Is there any way to verify any of this?
  2. The evil Iraqi lies and propaganda is sickening... we must bomb them for lying so much...
  3. Cool link!

  4. We should nuke Baghdad as punishment for 'em lying about us injuring 207 of em...

    Let us never forget September 11th... we will never let that happen again... we will do whatever it takes to defend ourselves, in our brave battle against the Evil Doers... and we have every right to keep the oil, so that the evil doers are economically punished for their evilness...
  5. Sad to say, but such are the possible tragedies of war. I'm sure that the night cleaning staff is probably gone. As is the first damage response team for the property. Night watchmen, ground patrol staff, and any dog patrols, all toasted. For them, I might be able to have a moment of reflection on the dangers of working for Saddam while at war with an American lead and directed force. I think the threat targeting was much different when the concern was the satisfaction of the UN. :)
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    good to know that the `coalition of the willing´are executing UN resolution 1441 - and nothing else
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    Well now the same guy is saying that the coalition is capturing civilians as prisoners of war, and claiming Iraq blew up 5 of our tanks, and some other nonsense.