206 million in cash looks like

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  1. Check out news from reuters

    206 million in cash.
  2. Surdo


    Were you trying to post a link?

  3. It is the same news; 206 million drug money.

    Will this news devalue the USD? :D
  4. That's greater than the market cap of thousands of publicly traded companies.
  5. Bob111


    They should be more diversified
  6. blast19


    Are those mis-directed Iraq funds?

    Sorry..had to say it.
  7. They had been planning on meeting with representatives of Wu Tang Financial, until El Policio took their 100% cut.

  8. clacy


    I wonder how much they REALLY found???:D
  9. Brilliant! :D
  10. S2007S



    wonder where that $206 million will go???
    #10     Mar 19, 2007