$205 million, largest drug cash seizure in history

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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/lt_drug_war_205_million_man

    Man....keeping 205 million in cash in your house. Imagine being a burgler and walking into that room! It would be hard to move it. That much cash in $100 bills weighs 4,100 pounds!

    The article also says the guy lost 120 million dollars gambling at casinos. I really gotta wonder about a guy that has that much money and gambles at casinos. Whats the point? It has to be only to show off. I mean it cant be because you hope to double your money, right?
  2. Give the guy credit for not becoming a day trader and losing it all on one trade. Yes, it happens.
  3. As much gambling as he had to be doing, he was doing it because he liked it...

    On my way to work one morning I stumbled right into the middle of a drug bust that took in $20 million.. Colombians had been distributing coke from a building next door to where I worked.. there were armed police all over the place because they were concerned about the place getting robbed for the drugs and the money..

    Having that much cash in your house and not getting robbed... wow, either he kept it very secret or he had connections that protected him..