2030 college costs to average 440K

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  1. Extrapolating the rapid exponential increases in college prices looking at some charts and data, it would indicate that by 2040 An average college degree would run 440K.

    How would this country have teachers? no one would go to college, go into debt for 440K to work on a teacher salary.

    Had to change numbers due to a mis calculation.

    440K is a Public institution.

    1.7 Million dollars would be the cost for a Private institution.
  2. sounds a bit low. i was sure it would run >5M
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    The whole argument that you earn enough to pay off the debt within a year is a complete load of bollocks. No employer on earth is going to risk their business by hiring someone with zero experience and only a piece of paper from an obscure educational institution to their name.

    I agree with those figures completely, whatever happens the prices are just going to go up.
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    Don't worry, I'm sure the U.S government will file for bankruptcy soon enough and then everything will correct itself.
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    Don't worry. Obambi has a plan to get every child a college degree.

    If only he had a clue what he is doing.
  7. not if the child comes from a family of illegal immigrants. the legals should not be allowed to breed so that they could have more money left to support the real estate market.
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    Obama's college certificates for everyone, printed on soft durable Charmin', in rolls of 500 for economy and convenience.
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    I think it will be higher than 440K at the way things are going.
  10. Those who are smart will go to another country where education is cheaper. In Europe this happens already now. Result can be that there will be a massive braindrain in the US, because a lot of these high educated people will never return to the US.
    Reasonable priced education is essential for future wealth for the whole country. Education is the human investment in the economy.
    Smart people always follow the law of low resistance. They try to find the best offer for their money. Not only in taxes, also in health care or education.
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