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    we may be up 200 something points, however, this market sucks... so damn choppy... IMO.
  2. I don't get to trade much due to work load, but when I traded full time, these big, gap up days were the hardest to trade for me. I did much better on days that opened slightly up/down.
  3. that one has to be houndini the magician to pull winners
    out of ones hat in markets like this ...
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    ive had a few winners... dont get me wrong im not seeing a modena in my driveway anytime soon... however i am eating well...
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    Shoot! I missed the 3 point rally. :(
  6. These gap up days are tough when there is hardly no pullback.
  7. This is reminiscent of the FTSE Futures during much of 2000 and the early part of 2001. All anyone can do is ride it out until the pattern changes. Not much fun watching paint dry though...


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    or grass grow... (but at least id have some green in front of me or if its that other grass a way to kill time.. lol j/k)

    seriously though, theres money to be made, but you really have to be inspector cluesoe to find them... boy do i miss the late 90's... :(