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  1. What would you do if you knew something really good was going to happen to you in the year 2019? However, there are no guarantees... the prize may not be there (if the economy and stock market collapse) and furthermore you could not be there- should you collapse of a heart attack or cancer or blown tire or chicken bone in the throat...

    I have a generation skipping trust that comes due in 2019. In my dark days when times are tough, I think about that hope, that special lighthouse in the distance that's waiting for me, only me.... The trouble is, that's really far away.
    And I've been sort of hoarding and putting my nuts away while my wife free spends and the end result is we have an apt in NYC and a mortgage and yet there is this urge to cut loose from the bonds of reality and start living like a heavy debtor. Why not? Everyone is doing it and if I just make it to 2019 I can start over again.

    I suddenly want to buy a 2nd home, a weekend house; it's in incredibly extravagant thing to do if you think about it-- pay over $800,000 for a place you spend weekends at... at the rate I've been quoted... it will be approx be $4,300 extra a month for this privilege, that can be covered thru dividends off the trust & other income from investing...

    In essence I could really make a HUGE lifestyle change and possibly blast out of this creative rut- I used to write better and more frequently-- just by taking this giant leap into the mortgage abyss... that very place everyone else is fleeing.... strange. Stoney wants a dreamhouse.... But the psychology of risk must be conquered.... there is safety and then there is sticking your head in the sand and never doing anything. which is me?

    To be continued....
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    Double down baby...:D
  3. I say sell everything, and spend 12 years on some third world tropical beach (I know of lots of em), and then head back home when you get the cash. You can live like a king on $1,000 per month in the places I've lived in at times (Dominican Republic, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, etc).

    This is assuming the US $ is worth something for the next 12 years of course. The FED is trying its best to kill it.
  4. Jayford you have really described my dream. I've always wanted to do the Caribbean drop out, small inn thing- that National Lampoon makes B movies about... I just don't have the guts to make the real break from society. Part of that I think is mother guilt (I'm half Jewish) and it wouldn't seem right to take my boy away from his grandmas... Nor would I feel comfortable that far away from my mother & stepfather who's got a blood cancer thing going on...but then again I so see my son Julius running wild and having Tigers as pets going to school on some island like Mustique....Me blowing fatties spinning records and generally driving my wife crazy as the sun goes down and the fish fry starts... Some of these places have no income tax too... Oh to just stop paying Uncle Sam.... All these years spent playing it safe... The closest I'm going to get to shaking up my life is to go for this house in Ct and see what new life experiences it brings. Who knows I might talk to someone in town. (if it's a good day)~SI
  5. You'll blast right out of your rut buying a 2nd home. It'll give you something to do then about 6-8 months down the road when you're all settled in and find a new and improved routine, I hope you don't find out that this just wasn't quite "it".

    I bought my dream home 21 years ago, paid it off about 7 years ago, tore 90% of it down and rebuilt a new and improved dream home. Interesting how our dreams change over time. I have new dreams yet again.
  6. Whoa, don't be knocking National Lampoon movies.

    How old are you? Thats got to make a huge difference.

    Never heard of a generation skipping trust, how does that work? By that, i mean, its sounds self explanatory, but who set it up, and why? Someone hated their kids or something?
  7. Will you have paid off the mortgage by 2019?
  8. don't be a tard

    live below your means, you make $100k a year
    live like you have $10k
    you make $500k a year
    live like you make $50k

    pay cash for all your real estate

    shut your wife up with her spendthrift highs, she's spending so she can feel good about herself, tell her to find a new way to get high like exercise, probably a fatass as well from all that spending and eating.
    your wife is a cancer to your life regardless of how much you love her.

    I can find 10 girls who wouldn' touch my $ unless I give them and would give me the pleasures your wife would do on your birthday for free.


    Take $500k, put it in an interest bearing account

    It'll make you around $2500 a month,
    Take that $2500, find any country when you can be living large for $2500, theres many many.

    Live there , for the 20 years, with servants, foot massagers, chefs, a nice cozy apartment. You still have $500k after 20 years.

    Learn how to live life, not spend your way into non-existance, tard.
    can't believe this post was from a trading board where "investors" hang out, OP has a bunch of depreciating liabilities on his back (wife) and he's bragging about it.
    would have expected it from a myspace messageboard.


    oh , I live in nyc as well, I just realized only pretentious idiots in NYC would be dumb enough to even THINK about spending $800k for a vacation home. Probably your liability wife is bringing up the idea in your head,

    hey dumb husband, I need something new to gossip to my hag ladyfriends, can we go buy a new vacation home? You can work more, its no problem, you have the weekends free right? I'll even let you research your stocks in the basement!
  9. "But the psychology of risk must be conquered.... there is safety and then there is sticking your head in the sand and never doing anything. which is me?"

    Maybe if ones MO has always been risk, one needs a lot of energy to compensate for the pitfalls and unforeseens. As we get wiser maybe we get more conservative or smarter in the risks we wish to engage in, the challenges bring new life though.

    Another 800k mortgage, almost makes you feel like your just a stoned investor corporation churning dollars, more stress, when does it end?
  10. Fucking stupid post

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