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    so my active optionshouse acct got move over to etrade a few months ago... and I dont know what to do with this account now but I got grandfathered into a really good commission structure so I decided to use it as a hybrid strategy trading account. Most of my trades will last 2-4 weeks but once in awhile I'll take a longer term trade.

    I trade almost everything, mostly stocks and options but also futures if the setup is right. I like liquid stocks with weekly options but its doesn't excludes it.

    I'll post my two recent trade to start.

    12/19/17 30 ENDP Jan 19 '18 $8 Put(ENDP) @ $0.45
    01/08/18 20 OPK Feb 16 '18 $5 Put(OPK) @ $0.45

    The thinking on these trades are two fold, one I don't mind owning these on a discount if I get assigned, two if I don't get assigned I'm still making good premium.
  2. haha u got the $8 base .15 per contract? also no assignment fees
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    Yeah and I always trade around 20-50 contracts per transaction so it’s a great deal and stocks trade are 2.95 and I rarely trade less than 1000 shares of anything at a time. so it works out pretty good but the platform is blah... if it wasn’t for the fee structure I would of probable close the account lol.
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    Some thoughts for today..

    there's a lot going on here put looking at strictly technicals, I think it was being sold to capture the year end lost and now heading back up when those same people are reloading. It is a DOW component and any fund or strategy that include that component has to buy in. This could be a 1-3 month directional play.

    biotech in clinical stage. I already have a significant position in this stock. claim to fame is the RSV vaccine with top line result end of year 2018. Seemingly positive news have just drop at the JPM biotech conference today and it jumped as of this writing 44% to ~$1.90. This is definitely a long term play even though there are level which one can trade short term profitably.

    Financials in general
    interest rate goes up is a boon to big banks. their interest incoming margin grow as the fed rate goes higher and the consumer still get pay close to 0 interest rate on their saving accounts. if fed rate rise slowly I dont anticipate the bank will increase the return for the consumer anytime soon. So banks will earn more, which mean they can buy back shares or increase div payout. On the flip side if the economy show no growth or decline fed will stop rate increases or even lowers the rate which will compress the interest income for banks. As of now, first half of the year looks good.
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    bought 1 /zb at 150 3/32...classic cup and handle formation on the 5 mins chart, also good looking doji on the daily. looking for a multi-day bounce.
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    market observations..

    what a strange occurrence today the weak and getting weaker dollar is driving up all hard commodities gold is up, oil is up , SP500 is up, DOW is up, NASDAQ is up and even bond are relatively stable. I guess we're throwing out all correlation today.
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    You have right there the magic. Forget the rest.

    Interpret the DX/GC inversion and you'll be rich. Wish I could but I ain't paying ICE fees for DX.
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    Well bonds are not acting like what I expected so I am closing all my bond positions include the one in this account.

    Sold to close 1 zb@150 20/32...+17 ticks.

    It’s bouncing as I expected but the magnitude and duration of the move is telling me it’s just a temporary move before turning down with the prevailing trend. Long term trend will be higher interest rates equal higher yield and lower bond prices. Looking to be short in the next couple days on a confirmation day.
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    bought 1 es@293.25
    bought 1 es@2940
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    stop out at 2792.5....was looking for a bounce to 2797 area but didn't quite make it before the flush.
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