2017 Futures Trading Tournament hosted by GFF Brokers.

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    LL...futures are part art part science brah.
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    Eh, I would find somewhere else to piss and moan if I had to. I'm only here for Overnight's stellar journal.
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    Algo, your sweet-nothings will not waylay me. I am immune to that sort of patr...Wait, is that a hot fudge cookie I see in your pocket?

    OMG I love you.
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  4. CaseyB

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    You are correct, this is a Futures only tournament.

    While the demo of Global Zen Trader does simulate option trades, only Futures markets will be used to determine tournament P&L.
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  5. whowah


    Questions about your competition.

    1. Will you be posting results as the competition progresses?

    2. I already have an account at another futures broker, entering this contest means i need another data feed. will having multiple data feeds change my status to a professional trader and increase my data feed costs?

    3. Does the demo account terminate at the end of the contest?

    4. If I choose to open another futures account with GFF will having 2 futures accounts affect my non-professional status?

    5. Are there any loss limit rules or contract size restrictions to follow? This will affect how the tournoment is played and strategy will change as opposed to investing 50K of real money.

    Notes: I had an account with Global before, the clearing firm I was with discontinued Canadian accounts, I could have went to another clearing firm at Global but changed brokers. My broker is another sponsor here and they are good. My experience with Global was also good . A lady named Michelle looked after my account at Global. The commissions at GFF will have to be competitive or they won't be in business for long so I wouldn't worry about that. The Global Zen trader looks like a good platform, it is simmilar to open ecry platform and there seems to be more videos on this if you look at youtube.

    Thinking about entering this contest, any estimates on the number of entrants?
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  6. whowah


    Options Question?
    Does GFF allow selling of uncovered futures options in live accounts?

    Note: commissions are free if you place in this contest but you still have to pay the exchange fees, clearing fees etc. But the bragging rights (if you win) would be worth it!

    BTW I'm killing it on the Euro today up 54 pips so far. stop 9 pips down from here so i'm locking in 46 pips for sure.
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  7. whowah


    Shhhhhhhh!!! don't tell it's only one M6E contract.
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    Happy thanksgiving to all US traders.
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  9. CaseyB

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    1. When the tournament is completed we will publish the winner, 1st place, as well as the 2nd and 3rd place finishers.

    2. No, the addition of another data feed would affect your status as a non-pro trader.

    3. Yes, upon completion of the tournament the demo will expire. However, if you would like to test the platform after the tournament concludes a new demo can be issued.

    4. If your status now is non-professional opening an account with GFF would not affect it.

    5. Yes, regular margin requirements will be applied to tournament accounts. The number of tradable lots is determined by account buying power, the starting account balance will be $50,000.

    I don't have the exact number of tournament traders on hand immediately but we plan on sharing this information before the tournament begins next month.

    Thanks for the kind words, we still work with Canadian clients. Feel free to pm or email us about our commission rates.
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    Hoping everyone has the best turkeypocalypse ever.
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