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    Took my Sons to see the movie yesterday. Gotta say I was shocked at just how much I didn't know about ol Barry. I don't want to ruin it for anyone with details, but I'll point out, there's no refuting the facts that were pointed out throughout.
  2. It's doing very well at the box office for a low-budget documentary, but the most interesting question is whether or not it will change anyone's vote.

    Most political documentaries (e.g., those by Michael Moore) are viewed by people who are looking for something to reinforce their existing beliefs. They're not looking for an objective view of the subject matter. My guess is that 2016 will fall into that same category.
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    Really? We're quite used to it here at ET. But more importantly, did you bring a gun to the theater?
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    I'd LOVE to see the movie hit tv before the election, as the independents NEED to see it.
  5. I doubt that it will be on TV before the election, but I've heard a rumor that it will be available on DVD/streaming in October.
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    Needs to be seen. I was impressed as it was much less Michael "moorish" than I thought it would be.

    D'Souza comes on, establishes his credibility, and simply lays out the evidence in the most neutral, unbiased manner I've seen.

    I know most here are voting Romney like me, but I say go see the movie. D'Souza lays out evidence that many of you don't know (nor did I), and after you walk to your car, you'll be saying to yourself, "I now understand. I now know why Obummer despises America with such fury."

    I don't want to give away the key points, but I assure you guys it's such an eye opener you'll simply understand why this man is so determined to destroy this once great Country.
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    And there goes the last remnant of your credibility.
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    says the non american leftist has not even seen the documentary.
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    Don't worry Jem. Just like the scene from "A few good men," dickheads like brasshole can't handle the truth.
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