2014 World Cup in Brazil

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    August 10, 2010

    SouthAmerica: A new era of Brazilian soccer it has started today at the new Meadowlands Stadium in New Jersey.

    Brazil did beat the United States 2 x 0, but the score could have been very easily 6 x 0.

    The players that Dunga left out of the Brazilian national team for the World Cup of 2010, gave a show of soccer at the Meadowlands, and they did show to Dunga how a real Brazilian team is supposed to play soccer.

    Now that the new coach of the Brazilian national team did showcase these young players to the world to see it – players that the Brazilian mainstream media and the Brazilian people were pressuring Dunga up to the last minute for him to add to the squad that he took to South Africa - Now Dunga looks more than ever like a big JACKASS.

    The new kids played the “Jogo Bonito” that Brazilians got used to see it, and expect them to play a style of soccer similar to the best teams that we had in the past.

    Most of these new players are very young, talented, and they did play a very entertaining type of soccer for most of the game. It is amazing how well these guys played when we consider that this is the first game they were playing together.

    These guys are going to get even better in the coming years and as the team jells, it will become stronger as a unit.

    Welcome to the Brazilian national team: Ganso, Nilmar, Andre, David Luiz, Victor, Lucas, Alexandre Pato, and the other members that played superb soccer – and welcome back the “Jogo Bonito”.

    Nilmar scored his first goal on his first game that he played for the Brazilian Team, and Alexandre Pato scored the other goal. Robinho, and Ganso each had a kick hit the crossbar of the US goalkeeper, and various Brazilians players missed at least 6 other great opportunities of scoring a goal.

    The Brazilian national team is back…and you can count on that.

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    August 11, 2010

    SouthAmerica: Reply to Tsing Tao

    I understand the place where you come from - North Korea - they sent the coach and various players to hard labor because of their performance during the last world cup.

    No wonder you are bored watching people who actual knows how to play soccer.

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    August 11, 2010

    SouthAmerica: Reply to phenomena

    You are right many of the soccer players from Brazil came from the very poor areas of Brazil. They start playing soccer when they are very young - sometimes in the middle of the street with the other poor kids of the area.

    These kids learn to play soccer the hard way, and they don't go to expensive soccer clinics.

    And on a consistent basis they beat a shit of all the other soccer players from around the world.

    Are you suggesting that the other countries also should give a chance to the kids from the guetto like we do in Brazil for them to raise the quality of soccer in their countries?

    You are suggesting that Brazil's secret for consistent great soccer is to give an opportunity for the kids of the favalas to play soccer in Brazil?

  6. you predict brazil to win, we wait 4 years, brazil loses, you make excuses why.

    Lather, rinse and repeat if necessary.

    Please move this to the huffington post.
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    I liked watching the jogo bonito in the past... I hope this is not hype.
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    improvingstops2: I have to admit there was some nice work from brazil, but they need to be more clinical with the finishing


    August 11, 2010

    SouthAmerica: Reply to improvingstops2

    These kids played spectacular soccer, and the team looked as if they had been playing together for a while.

    Most of these players had never played together in the past, and they had one training section in Brazil and then they came to the US to play that game. In contrast the US national team was playing with most of the players that have been playing together for a long time.

    This team is going to improve even more when they add the experience of Maicon, Lucio, and Julio Cesar. These are the only players that are missing from an actual Brazilian national team.

    I understand that Brazil can’t win the world cup all the time otherwise people would not want to see the games. Some of the other countries have to win here and there.

    Since the world cup tournament started in 1930 they had a total of 19 world cup tournaments. The first 3 world cups were a small tournament, and it should not be given the same weight as the other tournaments starting with the 1950 tournament.

    Since 1950 we had 16 world cup tournaments and Brazil was in the final 7 times. During the same period Brazil won 5 world cup tournaments and came second twice.

    Brazil lost the world cup in Brazil in 1950. You can bet Brazil will not lose another world cup in Brazil.

    Brazil will do everything it can to win the world cup in 2014 in Brazil.

    You need to be a real idiot to bet against Brazil in the world cup of 2014.

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    August 11, 2010

    SouthAmerica: Reply to res judicata

    You said: I liked watching the jogo bonito in the past... I hope this is not hype.

    As I mentioned before on this forum, Santos FC was the Champion in Brazil about 2 weeks ago of the Copa Brasil in 2010.

    During that tournament Santos was playing great soccer and “Os meninos da Vila” played consistent great soccer (Jogo Bonito) that is why the mainstream media was putting so much pressure on Dunga for him to add Nilmar and Ganso to the team that went to South Africa.

    On a few occasions Santos scored 10, 9, 4 goals and on bad days these kids scored at least 3 goals per game. The attack of Santos included Robinho, Nilmar, Ganso, and Andre, and these guys turned into a Santos machine of making lots of goals.

    These kids know how to play the Jogo Bonito that Brazilians are used to see over the years.

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