2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil?

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  1. Sounds like a stupid idea:


    Tragedy draws attention to Brazil's unsafe stadiums Mon Nov 26, 1:36 PM ET

    Mon Nov 26, 1:36 PM ET

    A tragedy which led to the death of seven fans at the Fonte Nova stadium has drawn attention to the urgent need for venues be improved before football's 2014 World Cup finals in Brazil.

    Seven supporters died at Salvador in the north east of the country on Sunday when stands collapsed, prompting dozens of people to fall from a height of 15 metres.

    According to architectural and engineering experts, a total of 29 stadiums around the country need some kind of improvements and 80 percent of the those were structural.

    The study, whose figures were revealed to AFP on Monday, showed that 30 percent of sports stadiums had "aggressive" features such as sharp points on top of perimeter fencing.

    Virtually all of the toilet facilities were "terrible" and 85 percent of the changing rooms were "below standard".

    The accident occurred at the end of the match between Vilanova and Bahia, when part of the concrete stands gave way. Dozens of people fell from a height of 15 meters (yards).

    Health officials confirmed to AFP that six died at the scene and a seventh victim died later in hosptial. Dozens were being treated for injuries, with some in serious condition.

    The authors of the study said however there was a solution to the problem.

    "Brazil has seven years before the 2014 World Cup to improve the stadiums. It's sufficient time to do the necessary renovations of existing stadiums and building of new ones."