2014: The Battle for Survival

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  1. neke


    Goals? If you mean like new-year resolutions, my goal is to become as disciplined as it gets with my man-machine partnership, and reduce the degree of discretion further. As for financial targets, well I would like it to be better than last year - both in dollar terms and percentage performance. C'est tout.
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  2. Overnight


    My goal is to learn French so I do not have to guess what the heck you all are on about. And my guesses are goofy. Wheee!

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  3. fordewind


    @neke , how do you protect your strategies from your broker?Can share your experince, if any?

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  4. koolaid


    lmao...your broker isn't interested in your shtty strategy that swings -40% one month and +60% the next.
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  5. fordewind


    Yet, he might do smth about it.He`s security guy, he said.
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  6. Pekelo


    He randomly throws in losing years to confuse them...

    Your question is ridiculous.
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  7. neke


    My automation is not at the brokers server. Its all in-house and runs from my computer in the cloud. I moved my system to the cloud to ensure higher availability, non-interference, and system performance. I only port executable code (not source code) there, and ensure some minimal level of encryption for my text files.

    All my broker knows are my trades (buy,sell, short, cover). I doubt they are keen on reverse-engineering a <200K account :)
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