2014: The Battle for Survival

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  1. neke


    Goals? If you mean like new-year resolutions, my goal is to become as disciplined as it gets with my man-machine partnership, and reduce the degree of discretion further. As for financial targets, well I would like it to be better than last year - both in dollar terms and percentage performance. C'est tout.
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  2. Overnight


    My goal is to learn French so I do not have to guess what the heck you all are on about. And my guesses are goofy. Wheee!

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  3. @neke , how do you protect your strategies from your broker?Can share your experince, if any?

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  4. koolaid


    lmao...your broker isn't interested in your shtty strategy that swings -40% one month and +60% the next.
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  5. Yet, he might do smth about it.He`s security guy, he said.
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  6. Pekelo


    He randomly throws in losing years to confuse them...

    Your question is ridiculous.
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  7. neke


    My automation is not at the brokers server. Its all in-house and runs from my computer in the cloud. I moved my system to the cloud to ensure higher availability, non-interference, and system performance. I only port executable code (not source code) there, and ensure some minimal level of encryption for my text files.

    All my broker knows are my trades (buy,sell, short, cover). I doubt they are keen on reverse-engineering a <200K account :)
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  8. niko79542


    Incredible story, both to the length of time you've stuck with and that you are withdrawing monthly. Good luck in 2018. Hope you got through the chop last week. Although I'm sure you did well. ☺
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  9. neke


    Thanks for your interest. January was brutal for me. But this week provided some reprieve - though playing with smaller size.
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  10. comagnum


    The irony of trading is that you can get the big gains buy not having any kind of decent $ mgmt strategy, problem is the gains always revert back at some point.
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