2013 Spreadbetting against the dollar

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    Hi, I am new to the site - and I apolagise if I have put this in to the wrong forum section. (Being a newbie - I probably have.)

    Are there sporadic and sudden (if very small) vertical moves of a currency (a few seconds here - several minutes there)- even during a time of massive devaluation over the course of several months?
    ( If you understand where I'm coming from - you can skip all the info below - and maybe just go straight to answering the question for me - cheers.) If not - please read below -

    First, a little information - and then a question....

    I've heard the general info - buzzing on the internet - and from conspiracy theorists / researchers / truth seekers - that the dollar will de-value at an un-precedented speed, during early 2013.

    Information includes: the fed banks' 99 year lease contract on the dollar runs out on December 23rd 2013.

    The dollar wont be worth enough to buy hardly anything - by spring 2013.

    The dollar will decrease against gold - by triple or even quadruple, in as little as 4 to 6 weeks, January/ Febuary 2013.

    The dollar will be replaced by the 'Amero'. (North American union currency).

    Now..... I would like to try and capitalize on this horrible situation - by doing a 'short bet' against the dollar. (At the right time).

    Assuming the following 'hypothetical situation' is correct (Dollar rapidly inflating - especially in January 2013 - possibly de-valuing by triple - against Gold.

    - would - if the above is true - would it be a shrewd move to bet against the currency - with a spread bet? (During the 'massive 'devalue' season - when it happens.)

    I mean - one point on the dollar is worth one ten thousandth of a dollar?

    Is there a chance - that even during hyper inflation - where the currency is Garunteed to loose value - can you still get sudden slight rises - amongst the general downwards trend?

    The general and massive downwards movement - takes place over several months in this scenario.

    But there could be hours - or even minutes / seconds - here and there - where the dollar sudenly rises a statistically significant number of points - regarding spread betters. Becuase of the general world wide mayhem that will go on within the stock market.

    What are your thoughts on this? Are their sporadic and sudden (if very small) vertical moves of a currency - even during a time of massive devaluation over the course of several months?

    Also - I'm a novice - I've never invested in stock market before - so I only understand the basic language at the moment.
    Any answers will be very appreciated - thank you.
  2. sheda


    To be honest most of the "true seekers" and people making these predictions, which come around routinely, know as little about the market as you currently do.

    You do not need a crisis to create a profit, the normal movements of the day provide enough opportunity, you would be better off with a broker of good reputation than a spread dealer.