2013 medical marijuana stock thread

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  1. Here is a list:


    Anyone know anything about these companies?

    The only ones that seems to have decent volume are MJNA, CBIS, HEMP, MWIP, NVLX, PHOT, TRTC (kind of) and XCHC (kind of).

    I think GWPRF is the American version of GWP.L.
  2. Cannabis Science
    Domain created on Sep 10 2008, expires on Sep 10 2021

    CEO: Dr. Robert Melamede, Ph.D.
    Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Biochem from the City University of New York. Retired Chairman of the Biology Department at University of Colorado where he continues to teach.

    Professional pic:

    Pic from University of Colorado's website:

    Dude looks like a guy who knows about marijuana :cool:
  3. Medical Marijuana, Inc
    Domain created Mar 16, 2009, expires Sep 27, 2017

    CEO: Michelle Sides

    According to Seeking Alpha, this company "is a penny stock company run by criminals and alleged fraudsters" and goes so far as to say "MJNA Appears to be a Significant Stock Scam And Not a Legitimate Enterprise."

    According to Seeking Alpha, Michelle Sides is a "deliquent from Florida Bar."

    Controlling shareholder Michael Llamas is, according to Seeking Alpha, "Under indictment for 19 Counts of Mail Fraud and 31 Counts of Wire Fraud in the Eastern District of California (Case 2:12-cr-00315)" as well as other stuff.


    Sounds like some shady nonsense.
  4. Hemp, Inc
    Domain created Jun 20, 1997, expires Jun 19, 2020 (this doesn't mean the current owner is the same person who registered it in 1997)

    CEO: Bruce Perlowin

    Dude has a website calling himself the "King of Pot":

    He took a 15 year jail term rather than snitch on his former employees.

    According to the website, Hemp Inc seems to focus on hemp-based products.
  5. Farmers and tobacco companies will be the big winners.
  6. CEO and Head Researcher at major MM company:
  7. "Dave's not here, man."
  8. Oh the power of free speech on a public social media website while you're in solitary...

    The situation is this:

    Pot Futures: Works <u>exactly</u> as wheat and would trade the KCBOT or a new SRO.

    My proposal was Big Pot and Pot E-mini.

    Big Pot is a 500 Pound Contract and would trade in penny increments or $5 per tick.

    Pot E-mini would be 50 pounds and trade in dime increments or $5 per tick.

    The arbitrage opportunites are limitless in this situation.
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