2013 - Forecast - market down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by HomelyWizzard, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. I just shorted the Russel 2000 (very small) not knowing the dead cat bounce's time not the strength.
    I am planning to build a sizable short position for US, European indexes for 2013. I am also looking at Japan's index. Does not look too strong.
    I am using proshares ETF's (not leveraged) RWM
  2. fishing for confirmation
  3. I don't give a rats ass of other opinions...maket speaks...
  4. I have added to my short yesterday...all in all a very small broad market position. The Russel 2000 is a large index of small companies.
  5. Then why did you post this thread? LOL
  6. piezoe


    I am guessing the dollar will be your ally. I expect it to strengthen a little in 2013 relative to a weakening euro. The fed won't let this go too far however. Maybe we can get as far as parity during 2013. It is more difficult to get timing and volatility right then it is direction.