2012 Republicans: Who can defeat Obama/Who will you vote for?

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  1. Now, I can genuinely say that I will vote for almost anyone against that dumbass gorilla. However I do have certain firm beliefs about America as a nation and in evaluating the likeliest Republican presidential candidates for 2012, I want to see if they are congruent with them.

    I believe that America is a Christian, white nation founded by Christians for Christians, not just any christians but protestants and by white, I mean the genuine white race, which is anglo-saxon-germanic in origin, not the pseudo white crap that almost tom,dick and harry are claiming. This was supposed to be our homeland, our place of refuge where we escaped persecution, now its become a cesspit. All other ethnicities and religious groups are but guests in this great country of ours.

    Having said that, these are the ten hottest candidates for 2012 currently and my opinions of them

    #1 - Sarah Palin

    - Intellectually, she just simply does not have the capacity to hack it. Some might say this is simply a negative portrayal by the leftwing MSM, but whatever the truth is, the damage is done, she will not appeal to mainstream America and independents.

    #2 - Mitt Romney
    -WTF. a Mormon, I do not consider Mormons Christians. They are not even a sub-denomination. I place them in the same category as Jews/ Muslims/Hindus/etc, an absolutely deviant faith contrary to the founding spirit of this nation.

    #3 - Mike Huckabee
    -probably my 1st choice for President.Of english origin, a strong christian and a massively great public speaker. He is probably America's greatest hope now.

    #4 - David Petraeus
    -Of dutch northern European descent. However, dont know much about him beyond his military exploits. I dont doubt his integrity and competence, probably my 2nd choice.

    #5 - Rudy Giuliani
    -Italian. Not acceptable. Go home to Sicily and join the mafia dumbshit, you ain't white.

    #6 - Newt Gingrich
    -Roman Catholic. This is NOT a catholic country. Again, electing such a person is contrary to the founding principles and spirit of our nation.

    #7 - Bobby Jindal
    -LOL. WUT? This is what i mean by cesspit.

    #8 - Jeb Bush

    -Roman Catholic.Unacceptable.

    #9 - Charlie Crist

    -Despite his anglo-sounding name. This man is of Greek Cypriot descent. He is NOT part of the founding social fabric of this country. Does this look like Greece or Cyprus to you, "Charlie"? G You ain't white, not in a million years.

    #10 - Lindsey Graham

    -He needs more exposure to the wider American audience, but all in all looks like a decent kind of guy.
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    The only acceptable candidate: Ron Paul

    Of course the Republicans will pick another neocon and help insure Obama's second term.
  3. Of your list Romney would have the best chance.

    Jindal, Palin or Gingrich would have no chance.
    A few sleeper candidates may emerge outside of the main stream.
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    Of all of the people on your list, or not on your list, which one would come closest to meeting the requirement of government as stated by Lincoln: It is the responsibility of government to provide for the people what they cannot provide for themselves? What are those things that people cannot provide themselves? Is it education? Healthcare? Other current govenment programs? Because some people can provide these things for themselves, does that prevent the government from providing for those that cannot? Just a question for discussion.
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    I utterly reject the notion that it is the responsibility of government to provide for people what they can not provide for themselves. If I'm a geek who can't get a date, does that mean the government has to buy me escort services?
  6. Exactly.
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    Aren't you Canadian? Nice try.
  8. Brilliant ;) hilarious , thanks.

  9. I vote Palin.
    She's awesome!
  10. Where DO these people come from? :D :D
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