2012 Obama Campaign Slogans

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    10.) No we couldn’t, but maybe if you gave us four more years we can? Vote Obama 2012.

    9.) There is only so low we can go before we bottom out. Vote Obama 2012.

    8.) I still have so many speeches left to give. Vote Obama 2012.

    7.) We’re not better off than we were 4 years ago, but we are better than we were 400 years ago! Vote Obama 2012.

    6.) Goodbye 18-hole Sundays, hello 9-hole Saturdays. Vote Obama 2012.

    5.) Give Carter the second term he never had. Vote Obama 2012.

    4.) Four words: Attorney General John Edwards. Vote Obama 2012.

    3.) Ain’t no party like an Obama inauguration party and you won’t get one if you don’t vote for me. Vote Obama 2012.

    2.) Two words: More Biden. Vote Obama 2012.

    1.) 9/11 was an inside job. Vote Obama 2012.
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    Remember when you were young and your parents took care of you?
    Let your Government take over where they left off. Vote Obama 2012
    Paid for by Idiots for Obama
  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I still like:

    "Going from bad to worse is still Change."
  4. The other choice is Newt or Mitt...VOTE OBAMA 2012 !!!!!!!!!
  5. I would laugh, but if this slogan was used, most college students would actually vote for Obama for this reason.
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    What happened to the car analogies?

    I thought the republicans drove the car into the ditch and Obama was going to pull it out of the ditch, give it a new paintjob, covert it to run on electricity and get back on the road while the republicans sipped Slurpies while watching from the rear seat.

    Where are those Obama car analogies?

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    :D :D