2011-2012 will be Much Worse than 2008-2009

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  1. 2008-2009: Banks were insolvent
    2011-2012: Banks + Developed ("1st World") nations are insolvent

    2008-2009: Fed + ECB had nukes and all kinds of WMDs to save the system
    2011-2012: Fed + ECB have only firecrackers left to save the system

    2008-2009: There was tremendous political will for bailouts + stimulus
    2011-2012: There is no political will for bailouts or stimulus

    2008-2009: De-leveraging just getting started at financials
    2011-2012: De-leveraging will continue for banks, households, and now governments for at least a decade

    2008-2009: Obama in charge
    2011-2012: Tea Party in charge

    2008-2009: Tsunami
    2011-2012: Post-Tsunami Undertow that will suck everything into the sea
  2. Illum


    Yea, more paper this time will send commodities to moon. Its fubar for sure.
  3. they will print till delevaraging is not needed

    noone will allow the system to implode. One time devaluation might be an easy solution here
  4. 2011-2012 - More econ illiterates like thesniper are on the loose. Sadly, some are old enough (though not smart or mature enough) to vote.
  5. chintan


    There's no doubt that whatever will happen now will be worse then what it was in 08. World is more connected now then before. Lots of FTAs signing activity has happened around the world, what was started as a banking crisis is now threatening bond market and real economy. What was suppose to move outside is now entered in deep in economy. Scary picture.
  6. After seeing Laffer say lowering taxes reduces tax revenue, Milton Friedman is now expected to come back from the dead and state that raising the minimum wage doesn't always cause unemployment and that free markets cannot regulate themselves.

    Woe to conservative economics.
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    You're an idiot and don't likely trade at all.
  8. I don't think anyone should trade at the moment. The market is so unpredictable.
  9. piezoe


    This is a very good market for trading intraday, if you're a good intraday trader to begin with, but this market will accentuate losses for losing trades and traders. I like this volatile market, but it is not for everyone.
  10. Bear markets are tremendous for buying high quality stuff at dirt cheap prices.

    Aside from being a master trader this is how fortunes are made.

    Indices don't hit zero no matter what permabear ET claims.

    Be smart don't do what the herd does.

    Crazy A
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