2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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    August 16, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Today the Brazilian national soccer team will play its first international game under the new coach – Dunga.

    These are the players that will start the game and will form the new base for the new Brazilian national team: Gomes; Cicinho, Lucio, Juan e Gilberto; Gilberto Silva, Edmílson, Elano e Daniel Carvalho; Robinho e Fred.

    Some starters will not be playing on this game for one reason or another such as Adriano and Kaka. But basically the Brazilian national team will be developed with new and young players and the renewal cycle has started – new coach and assistant coach and new players.

    After today’s game against Norway, in Norway - the Brazilian team will also play the following games:

    9/3/06 Brazil vs. Argentina (in London)

    9/5/06 Brazil vs. Wales (in London)

    10/7/06 Brazil vs. Kuwait (in Kuwait)

    11/15/06 Brazil vs. Greece (in Athens)

    Note: These are the first steps that Brazil will take in their path for another Brazilian World Cup win in 2010 in South Africa.


    “Dunga mantém base da Copa em estréia na seleção”
    A Folha de Sao Paulo – August 16, 2006

    No único treino realizado pela seleção brasileira antes do jogo amistoso de quarta-feira, contra a Noruega, em Oslo, o técnico Dunga, que faz sua estréia no comando da equipe, vai colocar entre os titulares uma base formada por jogadores da última Copa do Mundo, na Alemanha.

    No coletivo realizado nesta terça-feira, no Ullevaal Stadion, o time titular atuou com: Gomes; Cicinho, Lucio, Juan e Gilberto; Gilberto Silva, Edmílson, Elano e Daniel Carvalho; Robinho e Fred.

    Dentre os 11 jogadores que iniciarão a partida, apenas Gomes, Elano e Daniel Carvalho não estiveram na convocação do ex-técnico da seleção Carlos Alberto Parreira para a Copa do Mundo. O volante Edmílson, do Barcelona, apesar de convocado, acabou sendo cortado semanas antes da estréia.

    Durante o último Mundial, os zagueiros Lúcio e Juan foram titulares absolutos de Parreira e jogaram todas as partidas. Robinho, Cicinho e Gilberto até começaram o jogo contra o Japão, na primeira fase, como titulares, mas depois voltaram para a reserva. Gilberto Silva foi titular contra o Japão e contra a França, enquanto Fred teve apenas uma participação, entrando no decorrer do jogo contra a Austrália.

    Depois do jogo contra a Noruega, o Brasil jogará um amistoso contra a Argentina, no dia 3 de setembro, em Londres. Dois dias depois o time encara o País de Gales, no mesmo local.

    Além desses jogos, o Brasil jogará contra a seleção do Kuait, no dia 7 de outubro, na Cidade do Kuait. A outra partida será contra a seleção da Grécia, no dia 15 de novembro, em Atenas.

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    August 18, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Dunga made some changes on the Brazilian national team and he called 3 new players to play against Argentina, and Wales. He called Kaka, Ronaldinho and Rafael Sobis to replace the following players: Jônatas (Flamengo), Morais (Vasco), and Wagner (Cruzeiro).

    Ronaldo and Adriano were not called because both of them are too fat and out of shape to play on the national team at this time.

    One of the new players – Rafael Sobis – he plays for Internacional (Rio Grande do Sul) and they just won on August 16, 2006 the “Libertadores da América Cup” for 2006 – and Sorbis was the most valuable player for the Internacional team during that soccer tournament.


    “Dunga convoca Ronaldinho, Kaká e Rafael Sobis para a seleção”
    A Folha de Sao Paulo – August 18, 2006

    O técnico da seleção brasileira, Dunga, trocou três nomes na lista de convocados anunciada nesta quinta-feira para os amistosos contra a Argentina, no dia 3 de setembro, e o País de Gales, no dia 5 de setembro, ambos em Londres. Os medalhões Ronaldinho e Kaká, além de Rafael Sobis, destaque do Internacional na conquista da Taça Libertadores, foram chamados.

    Jônatas, do Flamengo, Morais, do Vasco, e Wagner, do Cruzeiro, que estavam no grupo que enfrentou ontem a Noruega (1 a 1, em Oslo), na estréia do novo treinador, foram cortados….

    Veja a lista de convocados


    Fábio (Cruzeiro)
    Gomes (PSV-HOL)


    Cicinho (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Gilberto (Hertha Berlim-ALE)
    Maicon (Inter de Milão-ITA)
    Marcelo (Fluminense)


    Alex (PSV-HOL)
    Juan (Bayer Leverkusen-ALE)
    Lúcio (Bayern de Munique-ALE)
    Luisão (Benfica-POR)


    Dudu Cearense (CSKA-RUS)
    Edmilson (Barcelona-ESP)
    Júlio Baptista (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Gilberto Silva (Arsenal-ING)
    Elano (Shakhtar Donetsk-UCR)
    Daniel Carvalho (CSKA-RUS)
    Ronaldinho (Barcelona)
    Kaká (Milan)


    Fred (Lyon-FRA)
    Robinho (Real Madrid-ESP)
    Vagner Love (CSKA-RUS)
    Rafael Sóbis (Internacional)

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    Frank Grimes: WHO CARES?


    August 18, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Anyone who follows soccer around the world.

  5. Brazil have either become complacent or the coach lacks the minerals to really sort things out. They looked weak in this World cup gone.

    Ronaldo was pathetic, as bad as Beckham, but neither coach had the balls to take them off and try something else.

    Happy as hell that Sven the pratt has gone.

    Brazil will be great once more, its in their blood. England will continue to play crap football on an international level, but have great domestic teams. Figure that one out.
  6. andread


    I disagree. England don't have a great team, but they don't play crap football. And with good players like Rooney, Cole, Gerrard, there are good possibilities for the future.
    A lot of very good players playing in England are foreigners. Spain is in the same situation
  7. In the main I agree with you, but this WC, they put that plonker Crouch up front, and then sent long balls to him. Beckham couldn't pass or shoot, or bother to chase the ball. In the main, I think they played crap, only because as a team, you can't afford 3 players slacking or not upto the job at hand. I think Beckham, Crouch, Lampard and I cant remember who else, were not upto the job at hand. Steven Gerrard, Owen Hargreaves and Ashley Cole played well. Hargreaves played the Portugal game with all his heart and it hurt to watch them lose.
  8. Hehe, I was just happy that the USA All-star team beat Chelsea.

    I know every other country in the USA will say some BS and say Chelsea wasn't prepared, but we kicked ass in that game.

    Yet, Chelsea is my favorite EPL team, go figure.

    Any soccer fans ever play Football Manager www.sigames.com I love the game, you play the role as manager. Maybe a few of you older guys might appreciate it, as the forums are jammed packed with people that love the game of soccer & the game itself. Popular amungst the older crowd that like to be "manager" of a team. I play the hell out of it, it's one of the only games I play anymore.

    Anyways, World Cup 2010 in my game, the results are:


    Football Manager 2006 predicts that in the year 2010, Scotland will take it all in penalties!

    For 2006, my game had Germany is winning it, close, but no cigar.

    Who knows.
  9. andread


    That might be true.
    I honestly don't understand why people let Beckham play, with England and with Real Madrid. I think it was a good choice to leave him out in the last match.
  10. Beckham and Lampard are done.. . this '06 WC proved it..
    #10     Aug 22, 2006