2010 - The end of the USA

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  1. garbage
  2. That article is hilarious. Alaska is going to break off and become part of Russia. :D Have anybody told the Alaskans yet that they're going to merge with Russia? This is a guy that quite obviously knows very little about American culture.
  3. lmao...Texas will go to Mexico...yeah...this guy OBVIOUSLY knows nothing about American culture. I think Texans would rather burn down their entire state than join with Mexico.
  4. I think he's being overly optimistic about change happening and it's timeline which is primarily due to his drastic underestimation of most of America's tollerance for abuse and corruption by those in power.
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    let's call this """interesting"""" as a fiction
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    This article is old news. It was written in 2008. Absolute garbage.
  7. You know there are always ignorant ppl that will believe that crap.

    This world is full of them.

    As they say in the Marine Corps.....

    Kill them all, let God sort them out.:p
  8. Quite certain that the Russian military concur with that statement. It was not pretty when they rolled into Georgia.
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    Russian winter can affect the mind stragely such as this learned professor's has become
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