2010 Kentucky Derby

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    Who wins?

    I am going with Eskendereya.

    American Lion
    Awesome Act
    Dean’s Kitten
    Discreetly Mine
    Ice Box
    Jackson Bend
    Line of David
    Lookin at Lucky
    Make Music For Me
    Mission Ipazible
    Noble’s Promise
    Paddy O’Prado
    Sidney’s Candy
    Stately Victor
    Super Saver
  2. At 50:1 I'm taking Homeboykris, but only if I see'em take a good crap right before the race. He'll be lighter and happier. I know I always am.:eek: :D
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    Stately Victor
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  5. Maybe the best come from behind. But my favorite for Derby and for Triple Crown - Affirmed vs. Alydar. Affirmed won all 3 races by a total of < 2 lengths total over Alydar.


    Further, Affirmed in 1978 is the last of only 11 horses to win the Triple Crown, and Alydar would have been the 11th had there been no Affirmed. Alydar also sired a future Derby winner, Alysheba... Lifetime, Affirmed defeated Alydar 7 out of 10 races.

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    I agree that the Afirmed vs Alydar races were a treasure to watch. But seriously, do you know what would happen if either of those horses ran against Secretariat? Ahahahahha:

    Kentucky Derby Speed record

    * 1:59.40 - Secretariat (1973)

    From 20 lengths behind running each 1/4 faster than the last!!!!!! On today's high speed high tech race courses, that would be two seconds faster. :eek:

    That may stand until race horses are bionic, or the Kentucky Derby is run on concrete.
  7. wtf is your problem dude ;-)

    Eskendereya was scratched a week ago
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    That's no excuse

  9. I like Lookin At Lucky, Paddy O'Prado, Devil May Care, and Awesome Act. Homeboykris and Make Music for Me for longshot wins. Got small bets on each to win.
  10. All my money is on Super Saver. That Borel is a winner!

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