2010 and 2012 prediction

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  1. 2010 I see lots of democrats getting the boot.
    2012 I do not see Obama being re-elected. He will be a on term president like Bush Sr/Carter.

    Obama squandered lots of opportunities and he ended up being a Bush Hybrid.

    Congress Just squandered lots of opportunities as well.

    Obama could have been a real change president but he pretty much rolled over quickly to special interests.
  2. No matter what, the dems will lose seat even if things go well. They have pretty big majorities in both chambers and it is difficult to defend. With that being said, I think they are doing a horrible job governing and as most polls show, most Americans agree. It is not out of the question that they migh lose one of the chambers of Congress, but the Republicans have to catch all the breaks for that to happen.

    2012 is still a long way away. I think a lot of people voted for Obama because he was a novelty in 2008. In 2012 he won't have that luxury.
  4. A new Public Policy Polling (D) survey

    Hypothetical 2012 Matchups
    Obama 46 -- Huckabee 45 -- Und 9
    Obama 50 -- Palin 44 -- Und 6
    Obama 48 -- Pawlenty 35 -- Und 17
    Obama 47 -- Romney 42 -- Und 12

    Favorable Ratings
    Huckabee 35 / 35
    Palin 41 / 50
    Pawlenty 12 / 24
    Romney 32 / 36

    Obama Job Approval: 49 / 47
  5. Have you got a reference for that. Thanks
  6. Ricter


    Obama wins 2012, but I'm not going to say how. Smart republicans already know how to (try to) prevent that, and I don't want to clue the rest in.
  7. Both of them? :D
  8. Two words: President Palin

    As her first act, she cuts taxes and expands the military in an attempt to reduce the deficit.
  9. You think the bond market will let her cut taxes and incease spending in 2013?

    That's being very optimistic.
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