2009 - Year of cowboy washout?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Szeven, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. 2008 was great. The fall of 2008 will forever be known as "free money fall". People on ET post stories of some guy being down 20k in a day, and finishing up 50k. Money was flowing for everyone. Lately, this is not the case, things have tightened. I dont know anyone doing better now than they did in the Fall. Some people are even struggling to stay green.

    Could 2009 be the year of cowboy washout? Or are we just in a period of lameness, to be followed by "Scintillating Spring", and "Shit hits the fan Summer".
  2. jnorty


    if and when a transaction tax comes all the stories will be meaningless as it will be game over for day traders.matter of fact many 7 figure traders i know are barely green in 2009. taking huge size has backfired this year
  3. I agree that would be the end of us all if and when that is implemented
  4. TraDaToR


    Same thing here scalping futures( much smaller trader than you ).

    Had my best period ever between January and June 2008 with all the volatility in grains, metals, energy.

    Slowly eroding my profitability since... Struggling to average 400-500$ a day lately.

    Markets are just dead, much more than before the commodities bull market.
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    With all due respect, your sample size is either not big enough or drawing from ET to measure of market conditions is futile. A combination of the former and later would likely be appropriate.

    There is a strategy for all market conditions, provided there is liquidity.