2009 Play For Pay

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  1. Here is my 2009 portfolio recommendation, based on a $100,000 account. This is not for daytrading or swing traders, this is an investment with the goal of risk adversity and optionality of owning the long basket outright at a much cheaper price. will get to that if the market falls to the level I think it can go.

    buy 961 CX at 10.40
    buy 522 EXP at 19.15
    buy 287 TXI at 34.81
    buy 199 FLR at 50.13
    buy 248 X at 40.24
    buy 214 CAT at 46.71
    buy 305 ASTE at 32.75
    buy 95 MLM at 104.53
    buy 141 VMC at 70.92
    buy 516 NSH at 19.35 (+100,000)

    sell 1073 SPY at 93.12 (-100,000)

    willl update in the future.

    Good luck in 2009
  2. You guys need to check out ARTC
  3. Div_Arb


    Can we presume that you bought 100,000 shares at approximately 3:50 pm on 12/31/08?

  4. :))))))))

    Im up 50% on my position in 3 trading days but seriously looking for much more on this swing.

    Will start peeling profits around $9-$10

    ARTC was way over done in the emotional market
  5. Any ARTC riders?

    Thing is a rocket ship daily :D