2009 End of Year Wrap Up from CNN

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    How does this years close compare to where they were say September 2008?
  2. I don't think you understand what an "end of year wrap up" means.
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    No, I understand completely what end of year wrap up means. But to say that this year everything ended great is bullshit when you compare the markets now to the highs.
  4. I guess its more proof the Dems are delusional. We actually have CNN trying to spin the jobs situation as positive. Since we have the End of Year Wrap UP, how about we have the unemployment rates on Jan 1, 2009 and Dec 31, 2009 and compare them.
  5. Alright, just for you society will include 2007 too in the end of year wrap up, pi will be three, local weather reports will include other countries, math will now include English, and Kangaroos will now be classified as a large ferret.

    Any other changes you wish to implement?
  6. If it is "end of year wrap up" why are they even mentioning July 2008. Certainly if you can mention July 2008, then Wallet can mention Sept 2008. Ohhh I see, BigDave applies different rules for different people. Typical liberal.
  7. Actually if you read the article it was quite negative.
  8. (Forehead slap)
  9. "Jobless claims: The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment fell to 432,000 last week, the government reported. It was the lowest level since July 2008. Economists expected 460,000 new jobless claims, up from the 454,000 filed in the previous week."

    It sounds like someone is trying to tell us that the shit sandwich that Obama is serving actually tastes good.
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