2009 Corvette Zr1 With Zr3 Trim

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  1. A friend who is a car saleman at a dealership and he asked me if I knew of anyone that is interested in purchasing this vehicle to let him know. I told him I new thousand of VERY successful traders :)

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    I have not seen the vehicle. I am told it is BLACK, MSRP is $118k and change and they are selling it for $145k, plus tags and fees and etc.

    So if anyone is interested contact him.

    Rodnny Vargas
    Holler Chevrolet
  2. i will bid 50k
  3. Wow, the MSRP is 27K LESS than what your friend is selling it for. What a shitty deal your friend is offering. Who the hell would pay 145K or 118K or even 100K for a Corvette anyway?? No wonder car dealerships are going out of business and no one is buying American cars.
  4. I have a 2005 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited, 23K miles. I paid 27K new, am sacrificing it and offering it to any of you guys for 50K, let me know if you are interested.
  5. LOL you are a natural born car salesman. Ever think of applying for a job at Holler Chevrolet? They are always looking for this kind of rare talent
  6. Sounds like a steal deal, 27k above msrp and all.

    Plus I don't want black. Repaint it now to hunter green camouflage, post a few pics. Gotta see it before I buy it.
  7. My friend just called me, he sold the ZR1. Total out the door for $154k and change. :eek: (Sold for $143,260). They are still getting calls for it. :(
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    I wonder if the Government will be doing the warranty work on this vehicle when GM goes bankrupt?
  9. Dude, if GM goes bankrupt or even better if they went out of business, those ZR1's will be worth more than what they are selling for. The word on the street is that the few dealerships that qualified to get one of these, some are going planning NOT o sell it