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  1. As far as the Dem nominee:

    Al Gore is a joke for the people that think he should run, he had his shot and lost.

    John Edwards is a crook. He also had his shot and lost.

    Hillary is a crook as well, and has no shot at beating the GOP.

    Obama may be a decent candidate for a future race, but he doesn't qualify for the office just yet.

    This leaves the strongest candidate with the best resume as the front-runner. Bill Richardson. This man is the only one that can take the GOP in 2008. He has an extensive background in high level offices and has even been nominated several times for the Nobel peace prize. You can read about him on his site

  2. its not about who is the best candidate it is about which one facilitates the globalist's agenda the best... DUHHHH... and that is going to be Al "Inconvenient Dork" Gore. thusly, expect a push for a global carban tax.
  3. Richardson may be the best of the bunch, but let's face it. He's nothing but a career political hack. He's just a tiny bit more thoughtful and responsible than the others, which really is faint praise.

    This race may well open up. Hillary seems to have peaked, and she loses voters every time she opens he rmouth. Edwards has become a staple of late night TV jokes, never a good thing. Obama is obviously unqualified and only there because of his race. Who would have thought six years ago that Democrat voters would be longing for Al Gore to enter the race?
  4. Who would have thought that republicans would waste their time in nostalgia for Ronald Reagan, praying that another thespian would run for president...

    Actually, polls recently show that Hillary is rising...though the strategists discount the rise:


    Oh, and contrary to popular ignorant ET belief, I am not pro Hillary directly. It would depend upon who she is running against in a general election. Right now, I don't see any candidate right, left, or center who is in the ring who has the right stuff.

    I did watch Gore on Letterman, and honestly, while I think he is the most qualified non candidate/potential candidate for the job based on past experience in executive and legislative branches, as well as now in the public sector, I doubt that he would come off much differently than when he ran in 2000. He was stiff, nervous (IMO) and dying to be loved. Letterman really is a great test of the candidates, because they are not reading from a script, and Dave is so easy and natural...the way in which the candidates interact with Dave shows quite a bit, IMO.

    So Gore is dying to be loved...wait...they are all dying to be loved.

    Okay, so he was stiff, and stilted.

    The best speech Gore ever gave was his concession speech, in which many after they had watched that wished he had been that way before the election, rather than as stiff as he came off in the debates with Bush.

    I don't think Gore is willing to lose again, which is why I don't think he is running. It takes a pretty driven/strong/mentally ill man (think Nixon) to run again after losing a close presidential election.

    Gore likes the attention (so does Fred Thompson) and to be thought of as the savior, but I don't think he is willing to get in the ring again for the Championship belt. (Thompson also seems very conflicted to me, as was Mario Cuomo who I thought would have been a good president.)

    Another split decision in the ring against him is not something I think Gore could live with.

  5. oh she's got the right stuff, just look at the young babe:
  6. Ron Paul with a typical ET Ron Paul Kool Aid drinker...

    <img src=http://www.unconfirmedsources.com/nucleus/media/rsscache/20060514-dominusandcongressmanpaul.JPG>



    Not saying I think he should run, but Gore didn't have his shot and lost as you indicate, he won the popular vote and would have won the electoral college vote as well (that system really needs to change) if the FLA recount had been finished, but was defeated by the supreme court. The people spoke and chose him as their leader, but the courts decided otherwise. Now...how W. won a second election is anyone's guess--that was a shocker to me for sure. Kerry was clearly a poor choice as the nominee and couldn't even garner enough support from the ABB (anyone but Bush) vote to win the election.