2008 was ________ ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Gil Young Jo, Dec 25, 2008.

  1. One of the best daytrading years I've (and my traders have ever) had........the technical charts were spot-on - and even the short squeezes were relatively easy to identify

    2009 will be even more chock-full-of-profits!

    Good Trading!
  2. Now that 2 of your 3 posts talk about "your traders" are we getting set up for some stealth freebie marketing for your services and wares??? If so, you and your profitable "traders" , should be able compensate this website, instead of setting up some future spam efforts.

  3. Looks like my efforts are working already! Just kidding....

    Simply trying to post some interesting posts.....sorry if it hit your threshold.

    No spam in the works - I prefer vegetables.

    Good Trading!

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    Sorry..couldn't help myself - I'm sure you have a sense of humor. Cheers!


    BTW, only 1/3 post have mentioned "my traders" - just an FYI - thanks for caring enough to try to debase me though.....it's not that being being Barry Bonds sometimes....

    Maybe I should live up to your accusations and start posting in the "Prop Firms" section? That should generate more inquiries into my trading stratgies training and coaching? LoL
  4. Stosh


    2008 wasn't that good for me. That day the Dow dropped 777, I was long 4 YM with no stop. This is my first year of trading full time......I figure I can last a couple more years before I take out a reverse mortgage on the house. Stosh
  5. Let's cut to the chase and give 'em your address.

  6. "2008 was..........PLANNED!!!" :eek:
  7. Someone obviously had a BAAAAD year, must have hit his nerves...hahahah lol:p