2008 Predictions Thread

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  1. Let's keep it in here..

    Here's mine..

    Dow 10k by May 2008 or Gold $1200/ounce.
  2. S2007S


    new lows on the dow by june 2008

    google to 500

    oil drops back to 65-75 range.

    bankruptcy in some homebulders and most likely some huge mergers in the financial sector
  3. S2007S


    10k, thats tough to go by, unless the entire world goes into one great recession then maybe, but until then I would be getting bullish under 11750
  4. 11,200 on the dow is a possibility. thats the old high at least somewhere near there. old highs become new support.
  5. Yes, the psychology of 10k would be disasterous. The Fed won't let it go that low--they will cut rates until equities begin to rise again.

    i am merely stating where my understanding says it SHOULD go.
  6. Gonna need a unforseeable geo-political event to see 10k Dow again or hike up interest rates and really mess up things for bulls.
  7. Lorenzo


    Dow 15600 by the end of 2008
  8. S2007S


    hmmmmmmmmmm, I dont think so. I doubt the market even makes it back to its October 2007 highs. Economy is in a recession right now, markets will most likely fall to new lows sometime in 2008, I do not see a raging bull market in 2008. There is nothing that can support a bull market now and everything that can make it a bear market.
  9. 1) demise of many (means reverting) algo systems
    2) record volatility => more follow through => record trading profits

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