2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

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  1. Hard times for others means good deals for others. Picked up a new lambo for over 100k off msrp. What was better is that I made the money to pay for it on one day trade. I am using a new order entry platform that runs circles around anything else I have ever used. I think it will be released soon. I love my job.

    2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder


  2. nitro


    There is a guy in our building that has a black convertible lambo. Very nice. But there is something unrefined about that car. On the higher end, I still prefer:


    If all goes well, I will take delivery of it in Spain, drive the southern coast in my R8 ending in Mar Bella. Maybe something like this itinerary [remove the rent a car part], but the end changes to drive to Italy to one of my partners wedding:


    For now, it is this:

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    Beautiful, grats
  4. Way to go Mark. Dang, I used to read your posts on.... what the heck was the forum where they had all the Tradestation users asking questions in the 90's.... I remember Odd Ball, that was a hot topic :):D

  5. kool you know Audi owns Lamborghini and i saw where the a8 is going to now get the Gallardo's V-10 engine. i like the r8 allot.

    i have friends who live in spain and plan to visit them this summer.

  6. I know what you mean, nitro, but maybe you'll agree that Lambo are getting better. I see a progression from the Countach through the Diablo and now to the Gallardo, a movement towards a more refined set of styling cues . I could never understand the appeal of the Countach.

    I walked around an R8 for the first time a few days back. Really, really nice.
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    Yah, and guess what, the engines inside Lambo's are Audi.

    Knock yourself out in Spain. Imo one of the most soulful places on earth.
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    Well, you know, Lambos to me looks like a fighter plane on the ground. I don't want to fight in a car. I want a car that is aesthetic and masculine. I want to play music without having to fight the noise of the car. I want to open the door for my babe. Real simple.
  9. Spot on both about Lambo refinement and the Audi R8. I was eating at an outdoor cafe a few nights back and an R8 stopped for a red light in front of my table-I couldn't take my eyes off it.

  10. gorgeous car but does does Walmart service have the oil filter in stock??
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