2007 Top 10 Business Schools with the Best overall academic experience.

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  2. fan actually.
  3. Now ask yourself would you rather have on your resume MIT or Umass, Florida or Harvard. I think that about sums-up the analysis of The Princeton Review.
  4. year sure but how much fun do you have at U of Florida vs other schools :)
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    :D the good ole days....gator bumpers, the purple porpoise....
  6. WTF?! B-schools with the greatest % of head-trauma cases? What a complete joke.
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    Ivy on resume for sure.

    but.. Florida girls are legendary, and come March and December you have a team to cheer for.

    so overall when u hit 70 and look back.. who knows which experience overall is better.

    sorry IVY but if I could be on campus of possibly multiple NCAA wins in bball and fball surrounded by half naked beautiful women... i may not care whats on my resume that much.
  8. there may be something to this ranking after all.
    The Economist MBA ranking has Florida #23 worldwide in Education experience, ahead of Berkeley, Wharton, Harvard, MIT and other prominent schools.

    When endowments are thrown out the "elite" schools dont seem to be faring as well.