2007 Robbins World Cup Challenge

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  1. To my knowledge:

    Holsinger was/is 100% mechanical systems' trader. He wrote some programs that clicked during certain market conditions, but like most/all systems trading it is a constant state of evolution.

    Sakaeda is a trend-following trader, takes positions in a basket of commodities based on seasonal patterns, other tools and hangs in there for the ride. When he catches a trend move, it really ratchets up the result. Sometimes holds a position for months, thru (what may be) frightening drawdowns and high unrealized gains that slip greatly along the way.

    I'm not sure why either/both haven't outperformed recently... lots of trends in commodities, although stock indexes have been a challenge for mechanical systems. Each guy has made a lot of money in real-time wins, years past. The leader-board is fresh this year.
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  2. how do you know mikey?? is he related to the famous cook trader?

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  3. He is in no way shape or form related to that whack.
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  4. This was taken from the closed thread here that austinp complained about because of the jesus jokes and moderators closed it down.

    But who is Whitstler? Does he teach? I know who austinp is. But who is Whistler? And what is this about Raschke? Does Whistler teach Raschke method?
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  5. Hi Prof

    Is Mike Cook the same dude that is mentioned in the Acknowledgements of your trading manual?

    If so, I'm curious to know the trades he's been making. Does Robbins disclose the exact trades made by the contestants?

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