2007 Robbins World Cup Challenge

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  1. Where are you Austin?

    You're supposed to be beatin' this thing! Yeah, it's early still.

    Anybody else enter?

    Good luck to all. :cool:

    World Cup Trading Championships®
    2007 Standings



    1) Michael Cook* 86%
    2) Federico DeCeballos* 60%
    3) K. Nakayama 22%
  2. Michael Cook Rules!!!!!!!

    Go Mikey!!
    Go Mikey!!
    Go Mikey!!
  3. <i>"Where are you Austin?"</i>

    I'm right here, Wayne... trading the ES as usual :)

    WorldCup commish is $20 per round turn. That works for swing & position traders, which leaves me out at this time.

    For example, I've turned the ES twice today. Once premarket right after 8:30am news which stopped out for -1pt. Then long soon after the open for +4pts

    Net result on two turns x ten contracts is +3pts or $75 per contract turned average.

    That math works when total cost for two turns is less than $10. It does not work when cost would be $40 plus exchange fees.

    If the commish was $10 or less for intraday traders, I'd be there. Thought about dabbling with swing trades specifically for the contest, but it really doesn't make sense to add the extra effort = split focus of trading just to play the game.

    Tread lightly today, Wayne. I'm only playing 1/2 positions here inside 3W expiry session. Might be something significant in the final hour, and next week bodes extremely well for some large-range days.

    Have fun!
  4. Darn, AP - thought you were going to be the next Larry Williams. But make sure you pay those taxes! :p

    Oh well. Who needs those 20 year old Supermodels hanging off you, anyway? :D

    Best. :cool:
  5. Yeah, 86% ain't too shabby after only 2 months!
  6. He's into consistency and if he wins he doesn't need the supermodels. He's a happy guy married to a gorgeous and intelligent lady.

    Go Mikey!!!!
  7. <i>"Net result on two turns x ten contracts is +3pts or $75 per contract turned average."</i>

    Bad math on my part, as a few emails chided me for :>)

    Tally today was $150 per contract total, $75 per contract on each turn average. That would be +$75 gross, minus $20 commish plus exchange fees.

    Sorry for the error, quick math before leaving the office.

    WorldCup contest would be fun... if trade costs were reasonable for intraday traders, might attract a much bigger crowd of contestants than current.
  8. <i>"Oh well. Who needs those 20 year old Supermodels hanging off you, anyway?"</i>

    Not me... got all that I can handle here as it is :eek:

    The trophy itself would be nice, though
  9. <i>"Don't forget Jack"</i>

    <b>gundern28</b>, how could we? You'd never let that happen in any thread at all, now would ya?

    Recent research has led me to combine SPM with all of JH tools... every stinkin' one of them. I toiled endlessly for hours at the charts until all was mixed & matched. The result is a trading approach that may never lose another trade again.

    JH and T28 combined create beautiful music together. Makes one wonder if they aren't truly father & son in real life. Total brilliance when the two trading methods (and philosophy) are combined...
  10. Maverick1


    Hi Austin,

    I have the book by Chuck Hughes on the Robbins champions in which you have a chapter. I was curious to ask you, what do you think of John Holsinger and Kurt Sakaeda, some of the more high profile traders in the book who have won the Robbins contest before? Do you know them?

    I'm curious about Holsinger especially, his website only lists his performance until 2003.... not sure why he hasn't updated since. He also sells a bunch of systems. Given his success in the last few years, I'm surprised that he doesn't have a higher profile.

    Any comments?
    #10     Mar 16, 2007