2007 K-1; Still Haven't Recieved It

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Nagarjuna, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I traded for a Dimension sub LLC for a few months in 2007. I'm still waiting for a K-1 for 2007.

    The LLC owner is saying that Dimension still hasn't released the master K-1. Is this true? Are there other Dimension traders that have not received there 2007 K-1? Or is the sub LLC owner just bullshitting me?

    With the October 15 deadline looming - what do I do if I don't receive the K-1 at all or not on time to file the return?
  2. You should at least receive an estimated K-1. If not, you'll need to estimate it yourself and then amend the return once you get it. I've run into that problem with hedge funds I've been invested in. One time I got the k-1 exactly on Oct 15th.
  3. I have not received an estimated K-1. And I cannot file a return without the taxpayer ID of the firm.
  4. lmao.......sorry naga..........i've warned people about this shady dimension outfit several times in the past.......just visit their office and go lyao at the place.........looks like a BDSM dungeon......don't be suprised if you get the k-1 on oct 15 if at all.

    in a way its a good thing the sec put the smack down on these shady override collecting monkeys and b/d posers.