2007 DualCore vs 1886 Mac Plus

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fubar, Jun 1, 2007.

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  2. I'm wondering what startup crap he has in his Windows system that makes the AMD computer take 63 seconds to boot. My one-year-old Dell Xeon takes 13 seconds to boot XP.

    I have a Mac II at home, from around 1986. Its OS came on a single floppy. Startup is fast because most of the OS is in 4MB or so of ROM. But the OS is basically just a directory browser; I think it didn't even come with a text editor. For the $100 or so you pay for OSs today, you get a lot more stuff.
  3. the greatest leap in productivity has come from internet connection speed.

    anyone remember trying to surf the web at 28kbs