2007 Academy Awards

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by hcour, Jan 23, 2007.

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    I didn't get a chance to watch this morning. Does anybody know if I got nominated for anything?

  2. I believe you were nominated for Best Actor in an Adult Movie. :D

    Actually, there really weren't many surprises. The usual crap getting all the hoopla.

    If the Academy had any balls, they would have nominated Sascha Baron Cohen for Best Actor (Borat). :)
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    Yep. Woody Allen once said that if you do comedy in Hollywood you "sit at the children's table." (Ironically, his Annie Hall was one of the very few comedies to ever win Best Picture.) Cohen (as talented as Peter Sellers, imo) and his movie are too lowbrow for the Academy. They prefer actors w/titles, such as Sir Peter O'Toole and Dame Judith Dench, and serious complicated dramas like "Babel".

    Ahh, it's all a bunch of bullshit, anyway. Who gives a rat's ass. Though I was happy to see Eddie Murphy get some recognition for a dramatic performance. He could do drama as well as Robin Williams and Jim Carrey if they'd give him the chance...

  4. Nice to see them rewarding actors for work in thinly released films.

    What are the odds Scorsese finally wins? Can't they retroactively take one away from Redford or Costner? Bunch of idiots.

    Btw, Pauline Kael panned The Exorcist and preferred the sequel. I despise her even more now. :D

    edit: incidentally, Scorcese expressed the same opinion but I think that's more the Catholic in him speaking rather than the filmmaker.
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    Yeah, but I thought the nomination of the little girl in "Little Miss Sunshine" was bizarre. She was fine in the role and all that, but there really wasn't that much depth or range to the role. She wasn't a complicated character, just a nice little girl. All the great performances out there and they give this kid a nod because, what, she was cute? Weird.
    HA! You agree w/Kael more than you know! She trashed both Ordinary People and Dances w/Wolves. I mean, man, she truly despised them.

  6. Kinda like Anna Paquin for The Piano (I think she won for her accent).

    Bah! Broken clock and all that. :D
  7. I think Laura Dern deserves a best actress nod for Inland Empire, by far her best work w/ Lynch.